About Us

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Hammock Leisure is dedicated to bringing the best in outdoor leisure. Our products are made to be the best quality at a price that is a fraction of what you would expect to pay. What do you think of when you picture a hammock? Do you think of what the Skipper and Gilligan slept on? The style of braided rope stretched flat with wood on each end is a common perception. It looks nice. You can see the whole hammock. How much comfort do you think you would have lying on a net made of rope, stretched tight? What about lying on a bed that is tied up at both ends and then you shift your weight to one side? It is like sleeping on a balancing beam. Hammock Leisure has a range of designs all made of quality. The design allows the users to lie in amazing comfort and easily balance the hammock. Even falling asleep is no problem as the hammock secures the user comfortably. Our hammocks are 100% cotton unless specified differently like our lightweight nylon line. Our cotton hammocks are made in Brazil of organic 100% cotton. Brazil has used hammocks for decades as a bed. When traveling by boat on the Amazon River, a passenger brings a hammock as a bed and seat. With so much experience, Brazil has mastered the comfort of hammock design. This picture was taken on a riverboat on the Amazon River.